~ I just completed Volume 1. All seven of my first books combined into one. I have several new books that I am working on. I will post them here as they are completed and when we get to book 14 (7 more) I will compile Volume #2.

~ Happy new year! I have been working on 3 new books AND also a one volume collection of my first seven books all together! Look for Volume 1 in the beginning of March and the three new books by April/May.

~ Last post of the year! It’s been a great two years. I have completed some of my best ideas and had time to remaster them. Some of the books I am working on for next year are also coming together well. Look for 4-5 early next year. It’s amazing to me that I have started to get web traffic and sales through my work here with no advertising. Thank you!

27 Dec Working on remastering this one, made a video and caught a few things I could fix before publishing the next version. Kodmo Usagi

~ Remastering Handles, Kodmo Usagi and Vantage Point. If you are a collector and order those before I update them you will have a rare first edition as the old one gets deleted with the update.

~ Completed Vantage Point. This was an idea I had for a while but wasn’t sure how to execute it until I thought of it as a totem pole. Basically, this is a way to show people how everyone has their own unique perspectives and even through they can differ from others it does not invalidate them.

~ Just remastered Moon Fisher. I think the first version is a good way to get the idea laid out, but definitely going back after a while and polishing the details is another necessary step. Going to remaster Handles and Kodumo Usagi next (also make an ebook) Then I have two more started that need to be completed and two more books for my other site

~ Have been working on oil paintings and graphic novels @ the Incoprea site. Coming back to this now. I am remastering Moon Fisher and completing two other already started books, many more are written but I have to find the time to draw them.

I also noticed that some of the books I want to do are not only simple morals but not very complex storylines so I created a Younger Readers section. I think these would be better as ebooks.

~ Just finished something I had been working on in the back of my head for a long time and was able to finally figure out a way to illustrate it in a simple and clear manner. I bring you Handles, a story about Archetypes and their power of control.

Growing up, we developed traditions, beliefs and biological roles commonly known as archetypes. Examples of this are, Brother, Artist, Teacher, Sister, Gambler, Mentor etc. There are hundreds. These archetypes are used against you even in advertising; When we give those beliefs titles and symbols we are inadvertently creating ‘handles’. Those handles (symbols or titles) allows others to manipulate you. Aside from manipulation, people have their own definition and expectations for those archetypes that may not align with yours. There is NO possible way to please everyone or meet everyone’s expectations for your archetype. You can still be a good mother and not call it mother then anyones criticism would not affect you. The reason they do this is because they know the deeply rooted power that they have on you.

“Dr. Ernest Dichter took these psychological constructs and applied them to marketing. Dichter moved to New York around 1939 and sent every ad agency on Madison Avenue a letter boasting of his new discovery. He found that applying these universal themes to products promoted easier discovery and stronger loyalty for brands.” *

~ Posted a video of Space Lunch, Still editing the artwork and will upload a new print version and nfts soon. I am debating starting a new book, completing one that mostly done or remastering one of the other three. I think probably finishing a few I have started and one new one to freshen the page up (I have about 38 written and ready to be drawn)

~ Working on Space Lunch remaster then I think I will finish one of the new books. Just finished and posted the Le Rena Video;

~ Remastered Le Rena, Going to make a video of that one soon then I am going to work on some graphic novels over @ (plug)

~Just finished remastering Gently print and ebook (pending approval) Also uploaded a YouTube Video of the book, see below;

Re-mastering Le Rena and Space Lunch next then illustrating some of the 38 other books I have written. Also working on books for other authors on and Graphic novels/paintings on busy busy : )

~ Three new books have been written and are in the process of being colored. more details as soon as I am able to get back to my personal work.

~ This is where I will post updates. I just created 6 children’s books and this website. I am working on 3 more but also have a stack of ideas. Please check back often and share, I do not advertise.