All Ages

Le Rena Which means The Fox. This is a story about a fox who playfully chases a rabbit. But, when Le Rena’s adrenaline kicks in, the rabbit accidentally dies. Le Rena’s mother explains that it is part of a fox’s nature to hunt. Le Rena is shown how other animals also hunt and feed their families. Le Rena accepts this reality and brings the rabbit to the burrow of cubs.  This book is about being accepted for who you are and finding a benefit to your natural abilities.  print

Gently from the song row row row your boat. This story focuses on the word gently. The main characters juxtapose a gently vs. more aggressive travel down the river of life. The sun and horizon get closer on each page and represent the passage of time. Near the end, our antagonist realizes this near the end and chooses to join the protagonist. This story was inspired by my grandfather who I saw live and fish and enjoy life six years longer than the doctors said because he did it Gently. print

Space Lunch What child has not dreams of traveling through space. In Space Lunch, out main characters creative mother knows no boundaries when it comes to helping her child’s imagination bloom. This book lead the viewer through a space adventure with a surprising twist on returning to Earth. This book has no words. print

Handles Our main character is assigned archetypes at a young age. Growing up It is proud of their accomplishments and societal roles only to find people using its ‘handles’ to control It. Making It do things and go to places It would normally not . Near the end, a child spins him around and knocks It off It’s post. With one of It’s handles already busted off, It decides to remove them all. Once It does, It becomes ‘free’ to roll around anywhere It wants without a handle to grab. print

Vantage Point Everyone is on their own path in their journey through life. From that path each person has a unique perspective. Just because you see something different than someone else does not mean that either of you are wrong. Vantage Point is a story about one such adventure in which Jr. Rangers report the mysterious findings from their hikes but each one argues that they saw the correct thing and everyone’s is wrong. The Ranger steps in and shows them that they are all correct but only saw what they could see from their own perspective. print

Young Readers

Moon Fisher Have you ever let your curiosity get the best of you? Have you ever seen something so interesting that the world seems to fade away. In Moon Fisher, a crafty fisherman uses those traits and the support of the moon to go fishing. Does he capture our main character or does he himself become distracted? This book playfully teaches children about the moon’s effect on the tide with colorful illustrations and a little adventure. print

Kodomo Usagi What wouldn’t a loving parent do for their child? How deep is a child’s love for their first stuffed friend? Kodumo Usagi attempts to measure both within the backdrop of a Japanese temple. This book has no words and is intended for younger readers. print

Volume 1
(all seven books in one)